Health Care Products

We are known for formulating a large variety of optimum quality health care products. In this range, we have sports drink, alkaline, sugar free and health tonic. These are formulated for meeting the requirements of nutrition in the body. In addition to this, the said products replace electrolytes and fluids. Our offered items are suitable during suffering from vomiting, sweating, diarrhoea and other problems. Health care products have high antioxidant properties which cleanse the body and support immune system. These are also consumed due to their anti-aging properties. The said products also remove impurities like organic tannins, fluorides and manganese from water.

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Health Tonic

Price: 14.70 USD ($)

Highly rich in antioxidant properties and has an array of health and immune boosting ingredients which help the body functions to work on higher level.

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Sports Drink

Price: 11.75 USD ($)

Tender coconut and algal extract.

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Sugar Free

Price: 1.5 USD ($)

Ideal for health conscious, overweight and diabetics and absolutely safe without having to compromise on taste.It makes your desserts and beverages sweeter and allows you to enjoy sweets without having to worry about gaining weight or extra calories.

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Price: 2.95 USD ($)

transforms an ordinary drinking water into powerful, life enhancing alkaline water.


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