Herbal Body And Skin Care Products

Have these high grade herbal body and skin care products and take good care of your skin. These products include moisturizing cream, handmade soap, skin toner, body lotion, shower gel, face wash, and so on. All these offerings are helpful in restoring moisture level in the body. In addition to this, our products are used for cleaning and washing body & face. The said offerings make the skin smoother, softer and plumper. Herbal body and skin care products give the body a good care which is required for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These are packed in a sturdy and airtight packaging.

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Face Wash

Price: 1.95 USD ($)

Aloe Vera Extract, Neem Extract, Honey.

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Tulsi Haldi Hand Made Soap

Price: 2.95 USD ($)

Selected natural ingredients which is totally chemical free. Prevent dry skin and slow the skin ageing process. Improve skin elasticity.

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Face Scrub

Price: 3.50 USD ($)

Removes dead cells.

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Saundarya Sandal Hand Made Soap

Price: 1.75 USD ($)

Improves skin texture and keep the skin healthy from within and gives radiant look.

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Garden Rose Hand Made Soap

Price: 1.50 USD ($)

Glowing complexion and moisturizes skin naturally.

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Skin Toner

Price: 5.90 USD ($)

It balances and restores skin. It refines the pores and tones the skin making it look fresh.

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Moisturizing Cream

Price: 2.95 USD ($)

Moisturizing Cream is more than just a moisturizer. It provides abundant hydration and moisture and keeps your skin looking youthful.

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Skin Gel

Price: 1.95 USD ($)

Soothing, Hydrating and Moisturizing properties perfect for all skin types. We brings it to you in its natural form to keep the face and skin healthy and hydrates.

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Body Lotion

Price: 2.95 USD ($)

Total Caring Body Lotion has been touted to improve elasticity, improve hydration levels, and remove dry, dead skin cells naturally.

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Shower Gel

Price: 4.45 USD ($)

Gently clean your skin & protects your skin moisture balance & promotes to leaving the skin soft against dryness, allergens and harmful bacteria.


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