Herbal Medicines

Our company is engaged in processing diverse varieties premium quality herbal medicines. This includes pain relieving oil, gyneza syrup, digestive, ayurvedic capsules and more. These are consumed for relieving discomfort caused due to pain, sprains, muscle spasms and fatigue. In addition to this, our offered drugs alleviate headaches, stress and improve sleep quality. Herbal medicines reduce inflammation and eliminate the irregularities during menstrual cycle. These are also vital for hormonal imbalances and restoring natural balance of the body. Our provided medicines contribute in repairing, growing and enhancing energy in the body. These are great for improving digestion and removing toxins from the body.

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Pain Relieving Oil

Price: 3.70 USD ($)

arthritic pain, muscle aches as well as strains and sprains.

Product Image (BAP/10)

Pain Relieving Capsules

Price: 5.90 USD ($)

Arthritic pain, muscle aches as well as strains and sprains.

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Pilezar Ayurvedic Capsule

Price: 7 USD ($)

Piles treatment

Product Image (BAP/13)

Pain Relief Roll On

Price: 1.90 USD ($)

For migraine pain or pain from a splitting headache,

Product Image (BAP/12)

Ayurvedic Capsules

Price: 9.45 USD ($)

Complete removal of stone from kidney, urinary tract and urinary bladder

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Price: 1.90 USD ($)

Promote healthy digestion and maintain normal levels of acidity

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Gyneza Syrup

Price: 5.90 USD ($)

Reduce the risk of Gynecological Disorders and supports Female Reproductive System.


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